6 Ways How Salespersons Can Use Explainer Videos To Generate Leads

6 Ways How Salespersons Can Use Explainer Videos To Generate Leads

There’s one common goal for every business: to fetch more leads and so generate more sales. But, how do companies get more leads? By concentrating on customer engagement, brand loyalty, and marketing. Yet, many companies fail to do so. To tackle this, an animated explainer video is an incredible tool. They have become a popular tool to deliver complex ideas in a short, simple, and compelling manner.

Simply put, explainer videos have become a must-have tool for salespersons. Using it, businesses can not only increase brand awareness but also increase sales. And, to make the best possible video for your business, getting in touch with professional explainer video companies is the best move.

An explainer video can be used by a salesman to pitch a customer, clarify his process, improve customer knowledge, market on social media platforms, connect with customers personally, and share the explainer video with numerous potential customers at once, among other things. If the salesperson is quick enough to benefit from the explainer video production process, then the advantages are many.

A sales team is the backbone of every business. Let’s look at the many ways they may use explainer videos to get more leads.

#1 Target the audiences’ pain points

A custom explainer video is an ideal tool to target customers’ pain points. Pain points are the troubles faced by customers that need a quick solution. Using these videos, a salesperson may target customers to sell their products and services. They captivate audiences of all ages by including specific information keeping in mind the demographics as well as the needs of the audience.

For instance, financial constraint is the most common problem faced by the audience in search of an engaging explainer video. So, as a salesperson, it’s your job to address it. Besides, try not to focus on the over-promotion of explainer videos. Instead, focus on the emotional aspect to boost the likeliness of buying a product.

#2 Share explainer videos on social media

The most effective digital marketing tool today is social media. There are many ways you can use social media platforms to increase the visibility of your product/service. Besides, an explainer video has a much higher chance of going viral. For example, if your explainer video is about employment or career opportunities for people, the best approach a salesperson can take is to share the content on LinkedIn and attract new customers.

The same goes for other social media platforms. You need to determine which platform your audience uses more and how to use it to your benefit. After that, a salesperson works to connect a business to its prospective customers and develop quality leads.

#3 Work on an effective marketing campaign

Believe it or not, operating an effective marketing campaign can do wonders for your business. A sales and marketing campaign go hand in hand to boost your business. That is one reason why a salesperson must make proper use of marketing campaigns to generate more leads and eventually more conversions. Other than leads, an explainer video is also a prominent tool to drive website traffic.

Explainer videos boost revenue like no other by significantly supporting the sales funnel. So, when a sales agent attracts several prospective customers, it strengthens your ROI and conversion rate simultaneously.

#4 Use explainer videos in email

Another way via which salespersons generate leads is through using explainer videos in emails. Today, companies pay attention to fetching leads via emails. That is because it presents a good opportunity to communicate and increase brand awareness among clients. Emails have become quite popular in recent years with almost 300% greater click rates.

To acquire the full potential of explainer videos, adding them to emails is the best move. As a result, you’ll be able to convince the customers and get more closers. When compared to an ordinary email, an email with an explainer video embedded in it delivers the perfect pitch in the most visually appealing manner possible.

#5 Share explainer videos in the right way and right time 

Explainer videos have plenty of benefits. And, the best one is how it explains a complex concept in the easiest way possible. It can bring your dull concept, product, or service to life via short, simple, and visually appealing video content.

Other than that, a salesperson needs to share the right explainer video content at the right time and on the right platform. For example, your brand sells more than 3 products. Out of these, two products work well. Whereas, the other one is most likely very much behind.

To tackle such a case, a salesperson may come up with promotions/discounts on that one specific product and share it in the right way so that customers can begin trusting it. Once the customers trust your product, you can leverage it to generate more sales on the failed or upcoming products.

#6 Make your sales pitch catchy

Explainer videos are a memorable tool used for sales presentations, training staff, and more. They can also be used in educational slideshows to liven up the information you’re conveying to your potential clients. A salesperson can maximize its benefits by using it in sales meetings.

They quickly get your message across in a fun way leaving your audience wanting more. So, when your audience understands what your product or service is all about, they’ll be more likely to invest in it.

Generate quality leads with top-notch explainer video services for your business

If you want greater clicks, greater visibility, and greater attention towards your brand, rely on trustworthy explainer video services. With that being said, an explainer video is a must to generate more leads for your business. As a result, you will not only boost your brand’s visibility but customers will also be more likely to better remember your brand.

If you’re a salesperson, it’s high time to regularly share explainer videos for awareness, both organically as well as through paid advertisements. Start using them right away!

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