Importance of Professional Development for Teachers

Importance of Professional Development for Teachers

Every individual aims to achieve their goals, objectives and acquire their dream career positions. Taking continuing efforts for improvement, and growing in one’s selected job field can be termed professional development. The same goes for teachers too. They are the building blocks of your nation, by whom guidance, and knowledge, learners grow and achieve success in life. Therefore regular training and professional development of teachers are very important.

 This will help teachers to change, stay advanced, and opt for modern teaching practices. Let us discuss the importance of the professional development of teachers. We will also be discussing a few tips that teachers can follow to grow in their teaching field, enhance their skills and as a result improve students’ performance. 

Importance of teacher’s professional development 

  • Enhance student’s academic performance

Teachers’ growth and development are directly linked to students’ academic growth too. When teachers opt for new and effective teaching practices, students start understanding the curriculum better. A better understanding of the lessons, improves students’ class performance, participation,  exam scores, and grades too. 

  • Make teachers more confident

For quality teaching and learning in the classroom, it is very important for being confident. Lack of confidence affects teachers’ communication skills and teaching abilities also. However, professional development programs teach them how to stay confident and manage the classrooms effectively. Confident teachers know the right public speaking skills and have a better grasp of their subject. 

  • Better planning and organization

For effective teaching, proper planning and preparation are very important. Teachers who aim for professional development understand the importance of planning and organization. They prepare quality lesson plans, keep the teaching material organized and become effective at class management too. 

How teachers can contribute to their professional development 

  1. Use technology to teach

Leaving behind the conventional methods of working, all professional sectors are becoming advanced. The same goes for our education system too. The teachers who want to grow in their field, becoming technology friendly is the need of the hour. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. Other than this, teachers can also use  school ERP software, to keep digital records of student’s class performance, and ensure their academic growth and development. 

  1. Take feedback

For professional growth, this step is very important to follow. Every teacher’s primary role is to provide students with quality subject knowledge and understanding. To do so, knowing students’ learning needs, and expectations are necessary. Teachers should make sure to take feedback from students. Ask them how effective they are in finding the current teaching practices and what more they expect from the teachers.

 All students have different understanding levels, this feedback received will help teachers to opt for teaching styles that suit all. Students might be hesitant in sharing feedback with you. Make sure to let students feel comfortable and confident with you. This will also improve interpersonal relations between teachers and students. 

  1. Go for an active learning approach

Only teachers explaining the lessons and students simply sitting as mere listeners is not beneficial for anybody. Therefore, teachers must go for active learning practices. This will ensure that students do something more rather than simply sit and listen. Teachers can conduct many activities like group discussions, recitations, flipped classrooms, debates, quizzes, cultural events, and more. Using ERP in schools, teachers can keep digital records of student’s class performance, and give constructive feedback accordingly. The more class engagement, the better teaching, and learning. 

  1. Stay positive and take consistent efforts

On the path to success, come many challenges. Teachers might face difficulties in making students understand the lessons, tackle mischievous and undisciplined behavior sometimes, and much more. In such cases, teachers should stay positive. Don’t take excessive stress and avoid making unhealthy comparisons with others. Just keep trying to be a better version of yourself, and take consistent efforts. Positivity of mind is very important to stay physically and mentally, healthy. This will surely contribute to teachers’ professional growth and development. 


Teachers’ professional growth and development are very important for students’ success. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the importance of teachers’ professional development. We also discussed a few tips that teachers can follow to provide students with the right subject knowledge, ensure effective class participation and grow in their respective teaching fields.

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