NetBase Quid: Social Media Audit for Effective Social Media Strategies

NetBase Quid: Social Media Audit for Effective Social Media Strategies

Growing an online presence for your company is vital for success, especially if you’re in the business of selling products and services. Your brand will need exposure to the masses in order to survive, and this is where social media audit enters the frame. NetBase Quid

Social media audit will give you a firm idea of where your company stands, and it’s achieved by measuring your presence via social media. This will come in handy, especially if your brand spans across multiple platforms. A social media audit can be seen as your best friend because it will fit perfectly into your marketing goals.

NetBase Quid Can Be The Solution

NetBase Quid is an advanced platform that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your social media presence. Data-driven decisions will accurately and effectively monitor your brand’s progress. Social media audit via Netbase Quid will provide real-time data via consumer insights for

  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Product Management
  • And more

Some of the most popular brands have partnered with NetBase Quid to ensure their marketing success. This just so happens to include brands, such as Hyundai, The New York Times, LLoyds Bank, Coca Cola, Cuisinart, and iHeart Media.

Some of the best market intelligence and AI-powered innovation will be incorporated to empower your brand. If you’re selling products, then the benefits of tracking news media and emerging trends is possible. This dataset of analytics is powered by NetBase’s Lexis Nexis technology.

Lexis Nexis technology is fully flexible and will blend into your existing platform. Billions of indexed points will be created for evaluation. In addition to that, news media will be tracked across the board while monitoring the real-time results of your competitors. NBQ also offers the benefits of mergers/acquisitions, KOL marketing, campaign strategy, and product innovation/launch.

Expectations of Performance

First things first, social media audit works great at identifying your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. The measuring process will span across different accounts and networks. This valuable information is used to further optimize your brand’s social media marketing.

  1. The first step of the process is to create a listing of your social media accounts. Search every social media account for your products/services, and plan to deal with any troublesome accounts. 
  2. Check your branding, and make sure that consistency is reflected throughout your business guidelines. Make sure to evaluate cover images, profiles, usernames, pinned posts, and verifications.
  3. Identify your top-performing content across social media. Copy and post the content into your audit template for future reference. Rank the content that resonates best with your audience. Important questions to ask are
  • Do viewers engage with the posts
  • What’s the highest level of engagement
  • Are the posts aligned with your brand
  1. Evaluate the performance for each channel. This includes monitoring conversions and web traffic. Better understand your audience via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media demographics. 
  2. Take action by updating via your marketing strategy. You’ll now be able to identify the platforms that drive the most traffic. Incorporate new idea campaigns if possible.

NetBase Quid achieves all of this by creating the best template via social media audit.


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