The tips you should know if you are moving with kids

The tips you should know if you are moving with kids

Everyone feels stressed when they move. It is difficult to change our environment and routines. Moving can also mean a shift in your mental perception of the environment where you live.

It can be difficult to adjust to the idea of waking up in a new room with different furniture arrangements. It can be difficult to find kitchen utensils in a new house. The same applies to other aspects of daily domestic life.

Long Distance Moving can be difficult for children, as it takes some time for adults to adjust to living in a new place.

Small children often feel disoriented and uncomfortable when they don’t understand why the sudden shift occurs.

It is possible for children to overcome their fears and live the move more peacefully by simply taking some precautions.

These are our top five tips to help you move with your children.


It is a good idea for your children to take the news seriously as soon as you feel certain that you must move. As they get used to hearing about the event, they will begin to associate unusual speech and actions (e.g. dad filling out boxes) with something specific and defined.


Many fears can be overcome by children’s curiosity. They will be interested in learning more about what makes you excited about the new home. This can be a great way to get them involved in activities that relate to the move.

For example, taking them to see the apartment together and showing them where it is located like apartments for rent in Gainesville. It’s also a good idea to give each child a small task: simply give them a small container and ask them what they would like to bring to the new house.


This phase can be more difficult for the small ones, who may have difficulty understanding the process. They must feel secure. Sometimes they feel lost in the chaos that comes with a move. A stuffed animal or a toy that they love could be a comfort to them.


Children love to participate in our decisions. It makes them feel valued and important. You can ask older children to help you choose the colors for your bedroom. Or, take them to a local home improvement store to help you purchase the accessories. It will be more fun to explain that the news is about the move.


It is important that the children have new points of reference once they move into their new home. Where they keep their daily necessities (toothbrushes and pajamas, etc.

When certain activities are performed. It’s a good idea to keep the same routines as before. If this is not possible, it’s a good idea to create new routines and follow them as closely as possible.

Perfect Timing Moving has long-standing experience in the Moving sector. Even in such moments, our experienced operators are there to help. You can let them know you have children and they will prepare a special space for them during the reassembly phase.

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