Marketable automatic cleaning technology for households is quite common nowadays. However, a technology that provides cleaning as well as Mop functions while being self-directed as well as remote controlled, is quite luxurious. This paper presents the design and implementation of a smart independent floor cleaner with an android-based controller. The user has complete control over the technology either in the autonomous or remote-controlled mode. The cleaning system consists of four main wedges namely the power, the motor system, the communication system, and the software mode. This paper presents the design and implementation of an autonomous floor-cleaning robot mob with both mopping and vacuuming functions. The main objective is to provide users with an easy-to-operate, battery-charged, and wireless expertise that avoids obstacles and can prevent itself from falling for example off the stairs, through the use of cliff beams.

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Upon the execution and testing of this archetype, it was observed that the equipment works as programmed and is fortified with most of the functionalities of a household commercial state of art cleaning equipment. Autonomous floor cleaning gears are common nowadays in the market. These technological devices are built to work without any human succor. Besides, these devices are automated in such a way that they perform their task in an accurate and appropriate manner. Floor cleaners have evolved over the epochs. From only vacuum cleaners to autonomous floor cleaners having both mopping and cleaning features, these devices also feature an application for triangulation and governing them. Studies have shown the appropriateness of cleaning robots for household chores as well as their integration inside the user’s space and perception. The results of the survey highlighted that users’ discernments were not adequately taken into account during the design phase of this technology.

Manual work has taken over the robot technology and many of the related robot machinery are being used extensively. I represent the technology that proposed the working of floor cleaning. This floor cleaning robot can work in any of the two styles, automatic and manual. All the hardware and software operations are controlled by a microcontroller. This robot can perform sweeping and mopping tasks. As we all are aware of the fact that robots are electrochemical machines used for various purposes in industrial and domestic applications. In the beginning, the main focus was on having a cleaning device. As time passed on many improvements were made and more efficient appliances were developed.


With the passage of time, human capital is being replaced with technology and machinery because they are more efficient as compared to humans and we can get more work done in less time. In today’s era technology plays an important part in our lives as our house cores are based on the use of small gadgets based on the latest technologies. Mop when done manually takes a lot of time and labor while living in this fast-growing world it becomes quite difficult to execute such tasks manually therefore it is essential to replace the human work done with the latest technologies so that we are able to save our time because at the end of the day time is money.

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