Why are tray and sleeve packaging boxes better for the selective products?

Why are tray and sleeve packaging boxes better for the selective products?

Retailers can choose from many different types of packaging boxes these days. Many of them are nice to look at, and some are easy to use, while others help keep the products inside safe and secure. When thinking about your options for product boxes, you should think about how they look, how easy they are to use, and how long your products will last.

Tray and sleeve boxes are a good choice for packaging because they are both useful and well-designed. The tray and sleeve packaging can be changed to fit any product, from a piece of clothing to food. Here are some reasons why you should think about putting your products in this kind of packaging!

Apply any artwork you want

Tray and sleeve packaging can be made to fit your design needs, whether you want a creative layout for your custom packaging or a design for your brand. People use these boxes to ship food, jewelry, clothing, accessories, makeup, and a lot of other things.

For watches and other fragile items, the best kind of packaging is a sleeve because it keeps the item safe and whole. You can easily have the design details of your choice printed on these boxes. You can print any kind of picture or text on these boxes, and you can choose the size to suit your needs.

Have the material you want to print on

For custom tray and sleeve boxes, you can choose the printing material in the same way that you can choose the design. You can have these boxes printed on your favorite cardboard stock if you like it. You can also choose anything else. Tell your printer what you plan to put in these boxes, and he or she will give you suggestions for the right materials.

You can even take a close look at the sample boxes to help you decide which stock to buy. Before making a final choice, you can do some research on stocks online to learn more about them

Digital printing is an option. It is used a lot for small-scale printing jobs. Digital printing is used quite often for boxing packaging. For tray and sleeve boxes and corrugated boxes, labels, stickers, and a lot of other things can be used. 

There are no tooling costs with digital printing. It is very easy to get to. So, there’s no need to set anything up first. You can take a design to the maker and have it printed right there

Tray and sleeve boxes can be made with any kind of customization you want, like an embossed logo, glossy or matte lamination, or anything else. So, using these boxes to package your products gives you the benefit of being able to choose your finishing options based on your brand’s needs and your own tastes. You can look at the different ways you can customize these boxes before choosing a combination.

Room to print product information

With a kraft box with sleeves, you can tell people about your product in a very smart way. On the top and back of the boxes, you can put information about the brand, like the logo, tagline, most important product benefits, and more.

Positive Customer behaviour effects

How will customers feel when they open the box and see the product? This is an important part of packaging. 

Do they return to your brand again and again? The answer to the simple question depends on what’s on the product boxes. The box is what decides whether a customer leaves or stays loyal.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes protect the product and make sure it will last for a long time. Your product gets to the customer in great shape. You can print on both the inside and outside of the custom tray and sleeve box. 

You can also make the box look the way you want, which will make the unboxing experience better. Putting thank-you notes or pretty ribbons on the box can also change how the customer acts after buying.

Custom Sleeve Boxes: An Original Way to Give Gifts:

Everyone loves gift boxes that are pretty and add value to the items inside. Putting together the right patterns and designs will surprise the people you give gifts to. 

As a gift seller, you also boost the sales of your gifts. We chose packaging that goes well with elegant business gifts like makeup, wallets, perfumes, and much more.


These are only a few benefits of tray and sleeve packaging boxes; you would find many more benefits once you make up your mind to purchase them for your products. 

These boxes are durable but still you can find them at an affordable rate. This is the beauty of it that will captivate you as a buyer. Not only will they attract more buyers, but you can also buy more boxes in bulk at a cheaper price.

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